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NEW! Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs: What are the reactive dynamics typically found in any demographic group?  Our experience shows us that there are roughly three distinct behavioral categories of people, regardless of culture.  The overwhelming majority of  people are good, kind and gentle.  They value good relationships, stablility and predictability.  They are the people you want as neighbors, god-parents and friends.  They are the sheep.  There is a small percentage of different people,  they seek only to enrich themselves and think nothing of taking what they feel is their right.  These arrogant people are happy to tell the others what to do, how to do it, and what will happen if they do not.  They are the wolves.  And then there is the smallest portion of them all.  These brave souls exist only for the safety and protection of the sheep, even when they are held at arms length.  Morally committed to disrupt oppression, the Sheepdogs are the protectors of liberty at the cost of their own.

*I Must be Less; Leadership in high performing organizations: It is a long standing American myth that the best Leaders are bigger than life, self-made men who are able to overcome adversity on the strength of their own thought and deed.  We believe that moral leadership or the integration of empathy into the algorithm of leadership results in greater organizational cohesion and individual commitment. Through the story of his biggest professional failure, Robert shares us how we too can overcome leadership failure and rise become the transformational leaders we want to be.

*What makes a Operator Special; the magic of tenacity:  Sucessfully completing the exhaustive and demanding qualifications to become as special operator demands several competencies.  However there is only one attribute that cannot be overcome.  Tenacity, Grit, Intestinal fortitude are all descriptors for the single most important attribute for success.  Through the story of Romy Camargo Robert shows us how we can develop our own personal tenacity.

*Developing Leaders for any culture: Regardless of age or background, insecurity is a major factor in dysfunctional organizations. Whether we’re simply dissatisfied with our status or broken down by a lifetime of criticism, we live bound by fear an inescapable feelings of failure. Through the story of Hector Pagan, Robert shows us how we can develop security and confidence.

*If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less: Being in charge can be the best job in the world. And the most difficult. As conditions change leaders are often faced with diserning the beginning of the change and charting a new course and incorporating new solutions that keep the organization dynamic and relevant.  Whether you’re a corporate executive, small business owner or crew chief,  you’ll be inspired to make a difference—right where you are.


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